Cooked Turkey Breast



Complimentary Cooked Feed For Dogs

Our cooked turkey breast is a great source of lean heart-healthy protein and can be served as a tasty snack or as the meat component in homemade meals. Bone free. Turkey is an easy to digest protein that’s perfect for dogs with allergies and is a rich source of riboflavin and phosphorus.

✅  100% Natural cooked turkey breast pieces
✅  Helps your dog build muscle
✅  Is a highly digestible protein
✅  Just thaw and serve!

Nutritional Analysis

Protein 27.9%, Fat 1.8%

Feeding Guidelines

A complementary feed that should be fed as part of a balanced diet or as a treat.

Storage Instructions

Once defrosted keep refrigerated and consume within 48 hours. Allow to thaw in a refrigerator at +1°C to +5°C for approximately 24 hours.

Feeding Guidelines

These feeding instructions are to be used as a guide only. All dogs are different and feeding amounts will need to be adjusted depending on age, breed, activity levels and environmental conditions. Adjust the amount fed as required to keep your dog in trim, active condition. If you are concerned about your dog’s weight consult the body condition score on our website for further info.

When feeding a new food for the first time it is important to introduce it gradually, to avoid upset tummies. Start with just a small amount - maybe 10% - of your dog’s overall food. Slowly increase this over a week until you are happily switched over.

We advise feeding three meals a day to puppies, and two meals daily to adult dogs.

Body Weight Daily Serving (on it's own) Daily Serving (with dry food)
Up to 5kg 55 to 270g 25 to 135g
5 to 10kg 270 to 450g 135 to 225g
10 to 20 kg 450 to 750g 225 to 375g
20 to 30kg 750 to 1050g 375 to 525g
30 to 40kg 1050 to 1300g 525 to 650g
40kg+ 1300g+ 650g+

Storage Instructions

As we don't use preservatives of any sort in our food, the meals are delivered frozen. Meals being kept for a later date should be stored in the freezer, while meals should be moved to the refrigerator to defrost before being served.

To prepare this nutritiously delicious food, simply defrost it and serve it.

For a tasty treat gently heat.

Once defrosted keep refrigerated and use within 5 days.


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