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Why cooked?

Our gentle cooking process preserves the vitamins and minerals naturally found in our natural ingredients, ensuring the food is not only fresher and more nutrient rich than processed food but also delicious and digestible for dogs of all shapes and sizes. It also removes any microbiological risks that might be associated with uncooked food.

What exactly does 'Human Grade' mean?

Human Grade means ‘food grade’ or fit for human consumption. For us, it’s a line in the sand about the quality and integrity of the finished products we send out the door.

When and where do you deliver?

We offer next day delivery all across Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland if you order before 10 am. No deliveries Saturday, Sunday or Monday.

Next day delivery to Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland is £5.95

FREE delivery throughout Northern Ireland for orders over £50.00

FREE delivery throughout Republic of Ireland for orders over £70.00

Postage to Mainland UK is £11.99 Minimum order is £35.00.

How do you deliver the meals?

Your delicious meals are batch cooked and frozen immediately after cooking to lock in the goodness. We then pack them with gel packs in an insulated box to keep them frozen in transit. They stay cold for 48 hours so there’s no need to be at home for delivery.

Is there a minimum order?

There is no minimum order for one time purchases.

Subscribe & Save customer’s minimum order £35.00. Save 10% on your first THREE orders, plus goodies!

Why is barkinBISTRO more expensive than regular pet food?

Based on the quality and cost of the ingredients we source our food is fairly priced. There is absolutely NO difference between the quality of our food and the “people food” you buy at your local grocer or farmer's market.

In fact, if you were to go purchase all of these comparable ingredients to make your own version at home, you would likely spend more money and this does not factor in the cost of prep and cooking time or the research that goes into ensuring a home-cooked diet is complete and balanced (in our case, most of the nutrients in our meals come from whole-food ingredients and minimally supplemented).

Perhaps the more important question is: Why is most pet food so cheap?

Why does your food have vegetables?

BarkinBISTRO contains fresh vegetables and fruit because these ingredients provide excellent sources of antioxidants, and a variety of vitamins, not to mention they taste delicious too!

What if my food arrives NOT frozen?

We take every effort to make sure your food arrives to you frozen. If it arrives partially thawed but still cold to the touch, it is still safe to consume, and can be refrozen.

However, if the food arrives fully thawed near room temperature or warmer, please contact us ASAP so we can replace it.

Do I need to refrigerate the food?

Yes. We don’t use any preservatives, meals will arrive frozen, they can be stored in the fridge for up to 5 days or freezer for 12 months. 

You can feed to your dog directly from the fridge (no need to reheat, however if your pup likes it warm gently heat for a special treat!).

How long does it take to thaw our food?

There are a few ways to easily thaw down barkinBISTRO. Thaw overnight in the fridge, if you want to thaw it quicker than that, submerge in hot (not boiling) tap water or use the defrost setting on your microwave.

Once thawed our meals will last up to 5 days in the fridge. Our meals are completely safe to be kept in your freezer for 12 months (if your dog doesn't gobble them up first).

How long will the food last?

Once defrosted the food will remain fresh for 5 days refrigerated, just like your own leftovers.

Can I mix with my current food?

Absolutely!  Many of our customers use our food as a tasty topper to serve up with their current food. Your dog gets a hit of fresh natural goodness every day, as well as enjoying their food more than ever! barkinBISTRO also makes an awesome healthy Kong filler. (Pro-tip: Try refreezing it inside of the Kong for a long lasting treat!)

Is barkinBISTRO a good option for dogs with Pancreatitis?

We hear from humans almost every day about how our food has made their pups healthier and happier (and exponentially more excited about mealtime). Our recipes are complete and balanced, but if your dog has a history of pancreatitis, you should consult your vet about whether they need a special diet.

Veterinarians recommend that most dogs who are at risk for pancreatitis eat low fat foods, so our Chicken Casserole may be more suitable as a protein source than Beef Stew or Roast Pork.

It depends on the severity of your pup’s condition, so you should ask your vet if you can use barkinBISTRO.

What if my dog has a sensitive stomach?

Upset bellies are the worst—for dogs and humans. And they can be caused by any number of factors: an allergy, an inability to break down certain nutrients, but most commonly it is due to the new diet causing disruption of the good bugs in your dog’s gut (called the microbiome). If you transition over a period of time it will give your dog’s microbiome time to adapt to the new diet. We include transition instructions in your first box to ensure and smooth and easy adjustment to the barkinBISTRO diet!
It should take around 10 days, with each step lasting about two days: Days 1-3, serve 25% of the whole portion size of the new food mixed with 75% old food Days 4-6, serve 50% of the new food mixed with 50% of the old food Days 7-10, serve 75% of the new food mixed with 25% of the old food Day 11+, serve 100% of the new food

Why can’t I just cook dog food at home?

You can! But recent research found 95% of home recipes are lacking in crucial nutrients for dogs. Serious complications from nutrient deficiencies (and, more commonly, overdosing) could arise if a recipe hasn’t been properly calibrated.

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