Our Story

Image of founder Joanne with her two dogs

barkinBISTRO started with a simple question. “Why?”

I asked myself, “Why are my doggy clients are having so many health issues, itchy skin, hair loss, ear infections, weight problems…could it be their diet?”

After qualifying in 2014 as a dog groomer I opened my own grooming salon and luxury dog hotel, Barkin Barbers & Pet Hotel.  I regularly see first-hand and hear from pet parents of the common problems & health conditions plaguing our best friends.  Common complaints were skin irritations, arthritis, heart disease, cancer, behavioural issues, no longer enjoying canned/dry food, losing weight…does this sound familiar to you?  I started to question the food that the dogs were eating and found after much research into commercial pet foods that this was the culprit and potentially food could be the medicine.

barkinBISTRO was created!

After two years of extensive research, and working with an amazing Canine Nutritionist (who I cannot thank enough for her help throughout this journey), together we formulated a diet that is biologically appropriate, using fresh, natural, human-grade ingredients that meet our dog’s complete nutritional requirements. Each ingredient has been carefully selected for their natural health benefits to help our four legged friends live a long life bursting with health and free of illness.

We are a company on a mission to help as many dogs as possible on the road to good health, through a balanced wholefood diet.

My promise to you is that we produce products of the highest quality without compromising health for cost... EVER!

Joanne Tohill xx

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