Why Cooked Pet Food OLD



You know there is an issue when dog food is stocked in supermarkets alongside bleach and cleaning products, and has a shelf life measured in years!

All dogs deserve to eat the healthiest, natural food made from the freshest ingredients with none of the nasties.

Our meals are made in our dog kitchen in small batches by hand, using fresh human-grade meat, fruit and vegetables that you can see and trust! We gently cook our products at low temperature levels, maximising the nutritional delivery to your dog.

1. No More Guessing Games

Never wonder what's in your dog food again - see whole ingredients, that are 100% fresh, and feel comfortable knowing that no artificial ingredients, preservatives, chemicals, or fillers are in your dog's bowl. Goodbye, mysterious balls of kibble.

2. Better, Faster, Stronger

Popeye was right; eating Spinach helps build strong muscles and promotes better health. Your dog can't scarf canned Spinach like the Sailer Man, but a fresh diet produces the same benefits.

3. Healthier Digestion

Switching to fresh, highly digestible, human-grade food results in fewer and smaller stools. Food is digested properly, nutrients are directly absorbed, and you get poop bags for days.

4. Better skin and coats (+ softer cuddles)

Fresh, nutrient-rich diets with essential fatty acids (usually a combination of omega 3, 6 and 9) improves skin and hydrate coats, leaving dogs coats so soft you'll never want to kick them out of bed.

5. Fewer trips to the vet

Dogs with chronic conditions such as allergies, skin irritation, or sensitive tummies also find relief on a fresh dog diet (free of the artificial additives that cause these conditions) and report fewer costly vet visits. Think of all the squeaky balls you could buy with the money you'll save!

6. More time with your best friend

Switching your dog to a fresh food diet helps maintain a healthy body weight, which has been linked to a 20% longer lifespan. Just like human diets, we know that better nutrition is the clearest path to a longer life!