Beef Marrow Bones Raw Dog Food



barkinBISTRO tasty beef marrow bones are naturally rich in nutrients like calcium, iron, zinc, chondroitin, glucosamine and Omega 3 fatty acids to support dog joint health, healthy skin and coat!

Chewing beef bones with marrow helps to satisfy your dog's instinctive urge to chew and reduce boredom, stress and anxiety.

Our fresh, frozen raw marrow bones are 100% all-natural, sourced from local Northern Ireland farms.

Contains approx 1kg marrow bones (2 bones)

Nutritional Analysis

Protein 18% Fat 20% Ash 37% Fibre 12% Moisture 27%

Raw Feeding Guidelines

Always supervise your dog when feeding bones. Feed bones raw never cooked. 

Complementary treat or reward. 

Raw Meals Storage Instructions

Being a fresh product once defrosted, keep for 48-72hours in a refrigerator. This meal should be fed raw. Thoroughly defrost food before serving. 

Always remember good hygiene practices, handle as you would any other raw meat. Wash hands and utensils after handling.

Dispose of any uneaten items 24 hours after defrosting.

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