Rabbit Meat Strips Dog Treats



A great choice for dogs: Our Rabbit Meat Strips

Light and delicious – These all-natural dog treats are the perfect reward even for dogs with small shape problems

Rabbit meat is on the advance: More and more people are rediscovering the mild meat. Even for their dogs. Rabbit Meat is known as a very light alternative to common meat types and tastes a bit like chicken. Dog owners can have a good feeling when giving their dogs rabbit treats because it’s low in Cholesterol and fat, but still full of nutrients. It contains minimal amounts of saturated fats. And the healthy fats in rabbit meat will keep the dog’s joints lubricated and coat shiny.

Furthermore, Rabbit meat, specifically the nutrient-packed organs, is an excellent source of vitamin B12, proteins, iron and magnesium. Vitamin B12 is very important to ensure that a dog’s nervous system functions properly. It is also needed for normal cell growth and helps maintain the energy level of the dog.

Rabbit Meat is a novel protein which means that normally dogs have either seldom or never been exposed to this type of food. That’s why our Rabbot Meat Strips are a wonderful protein choice for dogs whose tummies are either sensitive or if they have a food allergy to other protein sources.

Our Rabbit Meat Strips are made of 100% rabbit, without the addition of grain, sugar or other additives like preservatives or flavour enhancer.

The strips have a length of approx. 12 cm.

All benefits at a glance:

  • 100% Rabbit
  • No artificial additives
  • Gluten- and lactose-free
  • Well-tolerated
  • Light and easy to digest
  • Easily breakable


This product is made of 100% Rabbit, without the addition of grain, chemicals, preservatives or other extenders.

Nutritional content: raw protein 56,10%, raw fat 25,50%, raw ash 2,89%.

Please note that this is a pure natural product, so the size, form and colour can differ from the photograph.

Feeding Guidelines

These feeding instructions are to be used as a guide only. All dogs are different and feeding amounts will need to be adjusted depending on age, breed, activity levels and environmental conditions. Adjust the amount fed as required to keep your dog in trim, active condition. If you are concerned about your dog’s weight consult the body condition score on our website for further info.

When feeding a new food for the first time it is important to introduce it gradually, to avoid upset tummies. Start with just a small amount - maybe 10% - of your dog’s overall food. Slowly increase this over a week until you are happily switched over.

We advise feeding three meals a day to puppies, and two meals daily to adult dogs.

Body Weight Daily Serving (on it's own) Daily Serving (with dry food)
Up to 5kg 55 to 270g 25 to 135g
5 to 10kg 270 to 450g 135 to 225g
10 to 20 kg 450 to 750g 225 to 375g
20 to 30kg 750 to 1050g 375 to 525g
30 to 40kg 1050 to 1300g 525 to 650g
40kg+ 1300g+ 650g+

Storage Instructions - Treats

Our treats are dehydrated and have a shelf life of 12months.

We recommend you store in a cool dry place. 


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