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Developed with nutritionists
Developed with nutritionists
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Human quality ingredients
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Made in Northern Ireland
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Delivered to your door
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Benefits of Raw Feeding

Barkin Bistro Benefits Of Raw Feeding Min

The benefits of fresh raw food for your dog are so numerous. If you have decided to make the switch to raw feeding-congratulations! Your pup will thank you forever, and in our opinion, here at barkinBISTRO will have a longer, healthier life.

Raw food for our pets has been growing in popularity over the last decade or so because it is the most natural way to feed your pup. As we know, a highly-processed diet is not good for our own health, and our dogs are exactly the same.

Healthy Immune System

  • Meat and, therefore, protein is essential in your pup’s diet and what they evolved to eat.
  • Raw muscle meats provide high-quality and easily digestible protein, which is the building block for a strong and healthy immune system.
  • Meat is also full of essential fats, vitamins, and minerals, and as cooking kills the enzymes, raw does not.

Reduced amount of poop and smell

One of the biggest differences you will notice is how much less poop you pick up-yes, folks, we talk about this subject a great deal-sorry! As there is little to no carbohydrate in raw food, you will find that your pup’s poops are much smaller there is less waste passing through the digestive system-carbohydrates such as rice, potato, pea protein, sugar beet, and corn act as fillers in processed dog food and are not digestible for dogs. The benefits of feeding raw food are huge here, and many folk notice there is also a lot less smell.

Improved skin and coat

Raw diets contain lots of ingredients to support healthy skin and coats. Your pup will have a different smell on a raw diet, and their coats completely change after a few months – softer and shinier, and their skin improves too.

Dental Health

Poor dental hygiene can lead to many health issues; feeding a raw diet will certainly help your pup’s teeth, as raw food does not stick to their teeth, unlike kibble. Think of giving your child a biscuit before bedtime to help clean their teeth; the same applies to your pup. Feeding a fresh, raw diet will also help with bad breath.

Joint and bone health

Feeding a raw diet supports joints and bones as it is full of:

  • calcium
  • phosphorous
  • chondroitin
  • collagen
  • glucosamine
  • marrow

All are necessary in the diet for healthy pups to maintain joint and bone health.

Fruit and vegetables

The addition of certain fruit and vegetables in the raw diet adds to the essential vitamins and minerals your pup needs for optimal health. Not necessary to feed every day, but in the wild, your pup would have probably chosen to eat the contents of the stomach of their prey from time to time, plus some herbivore poop-free organic plant matter, which we would certainly not choose!

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