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Developed with nutritionists
Developed with nutritionists
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Human quality ingredients
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Made in Northern Ireland
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Delivered to your door
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Can Dogs Eat Pork?

Can Dogs Eat Pork

Pork is a highly digestible food for dogs and many owners worry about feeding pork to their pups.  Here at barkinBISTRO we buy locally produced pork which has been free to roam rather than factory farmed.  The difference is huge in the quality of the meat and the nutritional value.

Free-to-roam or pasture-raised pigs not only have a happier and healthier life, but they also get Vitamin D from the sunshine – your pup cannot make Vitamin D and needs it from the food he eats.

Pigs love to eat:

  • Plants
  • Roots
  • Vegetables
  • Insects and bugs
  • Garden Vegetables
  • Soil
  • Herbs and nuts
  • Fruit

They will in fact eat almost anything so their meat, offal and bone are full of vitamins and minerals.

Factory-farmed pigs do not have the same diet as they are kept in small confined spaces and can be prone to disease, stress and aggression.  They are fed diets high in soybean meal, corn and other foods which are not natural for pigs, therefore the meat, offal and bone have totally different nutrient values.

Nutritional Advantages of Pork

  • It is very digestible
  • It is also cooling meat in Chinese Medicine
  • Has a great source of medium chain fatty acids
  • Is rich in Thiamine, important for cell function
  • Has a healthy source of amino acids
  • Builds and repairs muscle fast
  • Is a rich source of Vitamin B12, iron, selenium and zinc

Frequently asked questions

We often get asked questions regarding health concerns in pork as many folk believe pork can have parasites. There are very few risks with our food as it has been frozen which kills  parasites. Unlike humans, dogs evolved to eat and digest raw food, therefore we believe it is a totally safe food to feed your pup.

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